What mix of indicators do you use?

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  1. dafong


    I use RSI and MACD
  2. djxput


    Price and volume
  3. MACD and Stochastic as primaries for entry signals, two other indicators for support and resistance tracking. I also watch price within the context of price channels for optimal entry locations.
  4. darren


    I mainly use bollinger bands, the middle of the band is 20 ema and I also use a 5ema. I try to get setups when the 5 ema crosses the middle of the bollinger(20 ema) works pretty well. I also confirm with stochs and macd but mainly the bbands with the extra ema. I usually trde the indicies and use 89tick chart or 3 minute. But if you look the setups look pretty good and I put in a stop loss.
  5. 5, 14, and 21 minute moving average , stochastics.
  6. please expound...thanks!
  7. why 5,14,21???...what are your SToch settings?
  8. djxput


    Well the only thing I have on my charts is price and volume but I do consider what I 'see' using those 2 things as indicators.

    ie candles, trendlines, support/resistance, and of course changes in volume.
  9. Arent you a Felton disciple?
  10. I am an independent trader that successfully uses the method that Roger teaches. I have two other systems that make profits for me each week too but they are automated and are different than the Felton method.
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