What Michael Moore thinks of Democrats and Republicans:

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  1. What he thinks of Democrats and Republicans:

    You know, I tell you, these Democrats are disgusting. Wimps and wusses and weasels. You know, get some spine. This is why I have to admire the Republicans. They at least stand for something. They at least have the courage of their convictions. They get elected to office, they come into town, and they go "Get outta my way, there's a new sheriff in town. This is the way we're doing things. Get outta here." And then they do it. You know. I mean what they do is crazy. But dammit, they are good at it. We should take a page out of their book.

    Can we fix the broken political and economic system in America?

    It's not going to get fixed. There's going to be another crash. The commercial real estate bubble hasn't burst yet. That's going to burst. The credit card debt is so huge right now, it will never be repaid. That's a house of cards waiting to fall. So the crash of '08 is going to look like coming attractions. And we're in for a much, much worse time.

    What he would have said to Glenn Beck if he was in Van Jones place:

    Fuck off! That's what I would have said. But again, you mentioned Glenn Beck, and of course, he's the guy that's called for my removal from the planet Earth, so...

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  2. i like (m)ike! :D
  3. Mav88


    Fat ass is one of the most hate filled lying political propagandists I've ever seen and he's not even good at it, so it's quite natural you guys like him.

    Next time you 3 get a room, I'm gonna ask jigsaw to make a political movie with me.
  4. Michael Moore is one of America's most precious resources.
  5. You must be looking for the Limbaugh thread.
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    a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.
    a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.
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    1] Isn't Jigsaw dead?

    2] If he wasn't dead and you approached him, wouldn't you just wind up "playing" of his "games"? :p
  8. Wow, you really think so?

  9. Of course you do.

    He's a hypocrite of the highest order who became rich by preaching the evils of capitalism.
  10. Disagree.

    What we have is not capitalism, it is corporate manipulated markets...

    They are anything but free...

    When has Michael Moore ever gone after small business owners?

    His target has nearly always been large corporations who don't care about America, or politicians who don't really care about America, etc.

    If you really think capitalism is about big corporations lining the pockets of lawmakers to skew the laws in their favor...you are as corrupt as they are...

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