What metal market is the best for daytrading

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  1. In your own opinion:
    1) what commodity market give good volatility and good liquidlity, but smooth one-way trendiness at the same time (ie not swinging up and down most of the time)?

    2) what commodity market do you trade? And why do you trade them?

    Just list the conditions/situations or state your cases if your answer is a bit complex.

    Thank you. :)
  2. hi herry ... have you ever traded futures before?

    you really should start small ...

    either using mini futures in gold or silver

    or trade 100 shares of their ETF's while you
    try to see if you can make any money with
    whatever strategy or time frame you feel comfortable with
    using ...
  3. Yes, for years. However I strictly limited myself to particular market in the past.

    I would like to try out new markets, to diversify risks and find more trading opportunities.

    I have never traded any commodity market. I am a technical trader. I think the same technique should apply to other markets. Sure that I will try and test before I trade big at these unfamiliar markets.
  4. CBOT Gold (full size) is pretty good. It's volatility and range are very similar to the ER2 (i.e., intraday moves of $300-$400 per contract).

    Silver can get a bit thin, with a wide spread.

    In addition to gold, I would recommend NYMEX mini crude futures (QM) and CME EUR/USD futures (E6).
  5. ZG or YG, plenty of liquidity, has nice trends . . .
  6. The best metal for day trading is clearly .......

    Rearden Metal.
  7. for daytrading:gold !
    for larger timeframes also silver ( check out fib retracements and fib fans...works nicely in this market ).

    I would love to trade the eCBOT big silver futures, but when looking at the DOM, I'm kind of scared...where do the big players trade silver ? Obviously, in the spot market, but I wonder what kind of spreads they are getting. With most FX shops, it's awfull.
  8. What's that?
    That's the worst choice. :(
  9. I gave the metals a look see, but they just don't seem to have the liquidity that I can find in the financial e-mini's (ES & NQ), and now the interest rate futs (TY).

    I'll probably look into QM in a while (no rush, and I need at least one more screen), but that will probably pretty much round-out my portfolio of futs trading for me.

    But thanks for the threads, they've been very informative.

    Best Regards,

  10. you are welcome.

    There are so many markets available for me to do further investigate.

    Headache... headache... X_X
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