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Discussion in 'Politics' started by bearice, May 24, 2011.

Should Bearice be allowed to post in all sections of elitetrader?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Member:

    Bearice is special. Bearice will become president but world people do not understand. 7 Billion people do not understand world evolution and Bearice supremacy.


    Bearice is a provocateur. He brings out the worst and best instincts in people. The threads are usually interesting until there is a barrage of posts attacking him personally.


    I sincerely doubt anyone will ban bearice here. If you look at his posts, the hits he accumulates is very high. For what ever reason this is, it generates income. In short he makes the site money. Purely a statement of fact. If you look at his posts they generate lots of hits. This in turn generates revenue as a result of the advertising. They will not ban him.


    Let's have a democratic vote: Who wants to read about Bearice's commentary on economic and world affairs or Marketsurfer's blog ? I think the answer is clear.


    Bearice is a valued member and gives pertinent information. I see no reason to ban him. Many of his predictions have come to fruition.


    I don't come by here often nor do I post to that extent but whenever I run across a post by 'bearice', it sure does make me crack a smile. And that is priceless.

    Other moderator:

    All members/posters has every right to reply in as many threads as they want, as long as its not trolling. And Bearice is not. So no, none of his posts require enforcement. You however must stop being demanding of others and respect their right to have their position as they wish. May you be well and safe. All my best wishes.


    I'll venture that bearice's posts/threads generated substantial page views (and hence ad dollars) for the site. I read his treatise on Man vs. Wild with great relish.


    Don't ban Bearice. Bearice is awesome!


    Reading Bearice's posts has helped me immensely. My inferiority complex has totally disappeared.

    People say Bearice is more intelligent than Obama and some people say Bearice speaks like George Bush.

    Think of thousands of elitetrader members who do not post in forums.

    Why is Bearice banned and not allowed to post in other sections of elitetrader, especially economics section?
  2. Best Economy discussions in History


    Everyday 50 Billion Eggs and World Economy

    Everyday Bearice feeds 6 boiled eggs to street dogs and 4 boiled eggs to crows and ravines. Now if 5 Billion good people feed 10 boiled eggs everyday to animals that would be 50 Billion eggs everyday. Just think the new jobs created for the world poultry/hen industry.

    This is how you create new jobs for the world economy. You cannot create jobs by printing $9 Trillion and donating it to giant companies.

    World people should thank animals for saving world economy where world leaders had no idea.
  3. This is poll thread. Please vote. See above.
  4. haha, only one vote for bearice....I wonder if he voted for himself. :)
  5. Why does bearice refer to himself in the 3rd person?
  6. elitetrder much better these days with Bearice out of econ section! Hooray!

  7. Lucrum


    It's a common practice for certifiable nut jobs.