What market data service do you guys use?

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  1. What market data service do you guys use?

    Interactive Brokers offers "US Securities and Commodities Bundle Non-professional - Level I Includes all Stock, Options, Futures and Bond markets" for $10.00 a month. I assume the $10.00 service is very popular, any free services out there?
  2. Its actually free if you have 30 bucks of commissions.
  3. Ok....I just activated that service.
  4. If you're running your order via the API, I'd recommending getting streaming data
  5. I'm going to start with WebTrader and since I plan on holding for a day or longer I don't need streaming data. I have always been happy with market orders to get a quick fill and call it the day.
  6. IQfeed

  7. IB data is fine and IB charting is probably good enough for what you're doing.

    You might consider using TWS (browser or standalone) as its IB's preferred platform for order entry and management.