What makes you angry when you trade?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Grantx, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. Grantx


    I get angry. My dog is normally sitting at my feet during the day but when I start swearing she puts her ears back and nervously goes and sits in a corner somewhere in the house as far from me as possible.

    There is not a lot, but the following two things are at the top of my list .

    1. Price goes against me immediately and goes and fiddles around near my stop.
    2. As I enter price movement stops altogether. Then, as I decide to exit my position (usually after it has been stuck in choppy price action forever), price rips to my original target.

    Here is a picture of my dog.

  2. Robert Morse

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    When I don't follow my plan.
  3. algofy


    Everything. Poor dog.
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  4. polaris


    So you give me the low-down on why you don't use indicators, and now you're telling me about your anger.

    Please, tell us something else, Grantx. I'm intrigued.
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  5. JigsawTrading

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    No fill.
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  6. polaris


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  7. Bees, in my place in Colombia I get frikkin lost bees bouncing off my monitor in the evening and sometimes at 5am when I'm up early trading in the dark.

    Have to turn the light on, then the one in the hall and shut the door. Then it gets too warm.

    I'm sick of those bees, been years of this.
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  8. When price looks like its gonna hit take profit and momentum is strong, then it all reverses and hits your stop.
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  9. SteveM


    When "they" take my money.

    (in my head, "they" look like Lloyd Blankfein, Dr. Evil and Dick Fuld sitting together behind a trading desk together waiting for me to place my stops so they can run them)
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  10. vanzandt


    You should never get angry when you trade.
    Nor should you try to "get even".... which anger oftentimes leads to.
    These are losing traits if you want to succeed for the long haul.
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