What makes trading a system so hard?!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by McCloud, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. McCloud


    What makes trading a system so hard?!

    I am sure some of you have faced this issue at some point in your trading careers!

    Assuming you have a profitable system for intraday trading. Have you ever felt like some invisible hands are holding you back and preventing you from taking your signals? Do you ever override your system and end up missing a profitable trade or even end up with a losing trade?

    Do you some days feel like a 12 year old with some simple guidelines and without any trading knowledge could do a lot better with your system that took you a few years to design!!

    For those who have experienced this in their trading career and have managed to overcome it, your comments and suggestions are appreciated...

  2. Tony98


    Time and experience. If you think your system is truly a winner you will trust it!

  3. gary


    For me I found trading my system with negative results is much more rewarding then braking one of my rules and getting a positive trade out of the market. I love trading and plan on enjoying it the rest of my life. I go into each trade totally prepared to take a small loose. Their is no one that is right all the time so keep your looses small and most systems will work. I should add I scalp so I don't have to think about my decisions I just react if the market turns against me.
  4. McCloud


    gary, I like that!... I should add the above to my list of rules! :)
  5. Here's a good question for you...

    assuming your talking about yourself in the above quote...

    why do you not trust your system...a system that took you years to design?

    Also...there are some good books on the psychological aspects of why traders don't take their signals by PhDs, JDs and any other individuals that work with problem traders.

    Take a look at books by Ruth Barrons Roosevelt like the one called "Exceptional Trading The Mind Game".

    You should be able to answer your own questions after the read...

    I did...it help me become aware of some trading problems I had many years ago and I didn't realize that was the reason until the book helped me piece together the issues...

    into something I was able to resolve.

    From the book...

    "To resolve a conflict, we need to recognize that some part of us exists that has a contradictory agenda to what we consciously want. We need to acknowledge that part and communicate with it so that we can discover what its purpose (positive intention) is. Then we need to find a way to satisfy that purpose through some other means so that we can proceed to get what we consciously want."

    McCloud...maybe there's a part of you that doesn't want to trade?

    Good read...I highly recommend the book.

  6. I second that, the book is very good and the author is very sexy. :)
  7. JD's? As in lawyers? Why would they be writing psychological books?
  8. McCloud


    Nihaba Ashi and wally, Thanks for the suggestion, that quote from the book is interesting. :cool: