What makes the Strategy Runner trader better then others?

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  1. Let's make some FACTS clear,

    Strategy Runner trader (both direct order entry users and Strategy users (fully automated trading)
    are more profitable. How do I know that? Well let us look at some FACTS,

    The average futures trader will last 3 month in the "Game"
    He will usually blowout because of 4 major reasons
    1. Emotions that get the best of him (getting out of winners to soon and lasting in Loser to long)
    2. Technical problems (Stops not executing because of internet problems or other hardware related problems )
    3. Not lasting during the learning curve (not enough experience in trading when starting to trade)
    4. Impossible to execute trading methodology (even when you have a winning method you can't sit all day and execute time after time because if human errors)
    Strategy Runner platform allows traders to overcome these problems in 4 different methods

    1. Automated exits such brackets and scale outs allow traders to specify their profit targets and loss objective and then SR will flawlessly execute your Strategy
    You can even trade different markets at the same time since SR will take profit for you and take you out at your loss, you don’t need to look at the screen and have your emotion take the best of you.
    2. Strategy Runner is the only trading platform that its servers are located in the FCM facility, NO OTHER trading platform has its servers located in the FCM, what difference does it make? The WORLD SR server based solution allows you trade with the confidence that even if your PC breaks down or internet connection is lost your synthetic order (Stops or strategies) are executed flawlessly. Having the servers in FCM gives you the assurance that no TECHNICAL problems will affect your trading. Does any other trading platform have a server based solution? The answer is simple, NO.
    3. For the inexperienced trader Strategy Runner provides 3 methods to get the edge you need to be on the wining side of the trade (Futures are a Zero sum game for every winner there is a looser and vise-versa)
    A. lease trading systems from well known developers, these FULLY AUTOAMTED TRDING SYSTEMS allow you to trade like a PRO without needing to know how to trade
    B. Let GURU that have been trading for years with great success (discretionary based systems) trade your account (see participating brokers)
    C. many trading simulators give an inaccurate simulation of live trading , you learn to trade with them and then when going live your paper results do not match you live trading , Strategy Runner developed its trading simulator for over 5 years (proprietary algorithms developed by a team of mathematicians). Our SR Educator gives the most life like simulation of real market behavior. When you learn to trade with SR educator you are truly prepared for live trading.
    4. The experienced trader that is trading for some time and is using a method that he developed knows that even that his system (strategy) works it is very hard to keep on trading the method in a consistent way. Watching the screen and making sure that every order is placed in the most correct manner is a rigorous task that requires never ending concentration. For these trader Strategy Runner development team are the perfect match. Over the years they have developed thousands of strategies that implement the exact method that the traders trade, but allowing them to trade automatically. Our automation solutions are used by world leading hedge funds, CTA's and individuals that understand the advantages of a server based strategy that executes your trading style (fully automatic trading).
    You don’t even need to open your platform (strategy is running in the servers in the FCM itself). We protect you intellectual property by signing a NDA.

    This is a Fact the SR trader last longer then most traders (on average SR traders are trading for 2 years BEETING THE 3 MONTH HURDLE)

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