What makes an obsessive liar tick?

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  1. please explain...
    my older brother is a decent upstanding guy but lies about everything, it dosent matter how important it is....... I dont understand what makes a impulsive liar tick?
  2. My mother-in-law is the same way and I had a couple of friends in school like that as well.

    I have never understood it. After a while, they believe their own lies.

    Just know that your brother is who he is. You can't change people, you just have to know that he lies. Don't take it personally and just love him.
  3. When you are labeled a liar you lose a most valuable asset, credibility. For those who have lost credibility they might as well keep lying, and in fact that is usually what happens.

    What percentage of the posters here are liars?
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    Decent and upstanding liar? Sounds like an oxymoron to me. Problem is, liars appear decent and upstanding, but when no one is looking, are they really? In other words, their appearance is a lie as well.

    Everyone has a public and private side to their personality. Those of us closest to them, see both.

    My husband in a perpetual liar. Not only has he lost credibility with his family (especially me), he has also lost trust and respect. Avoiding responsibility and accountability is a must for them. Then it becomes habit.
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  6. What makes an obsessive liar tick?

    Hmmmm...maybe we should ask Scientist?

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    my nextdoor neighbor is the same way..its unbelievable...everyone from the guy down the street to his own wife knows he lies...she rolls her eyes back everytime he starts a story ...hahahah...and i understand why perhaps he would lie about certain things ,,like money or other things that may impress,,,but this guy lies about every single little detail that have no importance whatsoever ( and i call him out on everyone of them )......like the othe rday he told me he knew the inspector blah blah blah and when i called him on it he changed the subject...weird
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  9. Generally people lie for the attention. I remember this friend back in my high-school weight training class who lied all the time. I had to actually stop benching the 600 pounds on my bar in disbelief of his lies. Last night I got laid by two beautiful french whores, and one of them kept feeding me lie after lie. Just last week, after pulling 500 ES points out of the daily range, I was chatting with another buddy who kept lieing to me.

    I don't understand it myself. Oh well, I have to go wash my Porshe Carerra GT Turbo tomorrow morning so I better get to bed. I need to call my maid tomorrow and have her clean my mansion, because those whores made a mess last night.
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    Pathological liars are impossible.
    I divorced my first husband because he was one.

    I think he lied to make himself interesting.
    He would lie about what he had for breakfast.
    No real reason for it.
    He was a total bore.
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