What makes a stable stock?

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  1. What are some characteristics of a stock that is stable and doesn't and won't tend to be too jumpy from one day to the next?

    How does market cap, volume ect. play a role in this?

  2. I think ever increasing earnings per share plus a fat dividend would do it. I'ed like to find some right now.:D
  3. EPCC has virtually no down days

    check it out
  4. EPCC:
    Like I said. Ever decreasing earnings:D
  5. PRU
  6. PRU. That's more like it.
  7. gobar


    drug and insurance industry... like MRK, ONXX, SEPR, UNH...
  8. but what are the characteristics? I'm not interested in price direction entirely either, just stability from one day to the next. Not too jumpy.

  9. Defensive Income stocks hardly budge over time and pay decent dividends.

    Look at major utilities like SO...
  10. I might disagree about Drug stocks, they are waaay to "Newsy" - one day curing cancer, next day causing cancer, LOL.

    Simple checking on Ivolatility.com for low Vol. stocks will certainly be a good way to start. Public Utilities tend to be low vol.

    Trading volume and Market Cap can be deceiving since since low volume might mean no interest and a stable price or it might mean wide spreads and wild moves because no one is providing liquidity.


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