What makes a pro firm a good pro firm?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by daytraderpete, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. A question to the traders who have actually traded at a couple of different places ( so you have something to compare).

    for some its software, for some its fees, for some its mentoring and trading room environment, leverage.

    When I first started out I wanted a place I could learn the most. Then I got picky about software and fees.
    Now I'm at the stage where as long as fees are competitive I want to be in a room where there is good information flow and I can take my trading to the next level. I could trade from home, but prefer not to, I enjoy the rapport and comraderie.

    What makes a firm "good"?

    If you work at Bright, ETG, Assent, Andover, E trade, etc., why was a place in your opinion, good or bad?

  2. lescor


    That the office or firm has a professional attitude about trading and that they treat you like a professional and they're there with support when needed.

    They're honest with you. If there are problems, they acknowledge them and prove to you that they are fixing them, not giving lip service.

    Rates are not the bottom line, as long as they are competitive for your volume. Software can be a make or break, but that really depends on your trading style. Reliability goes without saying, constant system outages will trump all the good things about a firm.

    I trade remote, but do a few weeks a year in the office to keep in touch with everyone and what they're doing. I could see a negative or unprofessional atmosphere being a real drag.