What made you decide it was time?

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  1. New guy here, just kind of curious what made you decide it's time to start trading.
  2. in a trench with a shovel one day , along with a bunch of mexicans.. i thought to myself.. "gotta figure out something else!" haha..
  3. Why do you want to know?
  4. :D

  5. curiosity. Left the question open so I could see how people interpreted it.

    What made you decided you wanted to learn how to do this and what was your first day trading like? In other words, how did you know that day was the right day to start.
  6. Forex is very popular these days. I learn about it on internet . When start it it was god for me to do as part time business. I did demo trading for 2 months and start real trading . It was my mistake to do trading with low experience . Now I am making more skills in trading.