What made him do these ting, hatred and arrogance?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by NoMoreOptions, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. In exchange for being spared from death sentence, the Washington serial killer admitted that he had murdered 48 prostitutes. Canadian police is also interested in the suspect as he visited a Canadian city where around 60 prostitutes vanished...

    What a late Halloween story! Horrifying but real. My questions to you is what kind of hatred and arrogance will make a person do these things.

    How do you feel about "they"? Would you be supervised if someone did the same to "they" in hundreds or thousands.
  2. Good question. Perhaps his life was so wrecked that he felt like he simply had NoMoreOptions? :(
  3. I heard he was a Democrat that had lost an election. :eek:
  4. I wonder if the simple answer is that in the end we are just creatures of habit.....how many trading mistakes do people make over and over? The idea of killing anything (human, animal) is horrific to me. Maybe after the first kill it becomes easier and almost habitual. Remember John Gacy in Chicago? He spent a few years in prison for abusing a kid, then said he killed them cause he was never going to go back! The first kill was out of neccessity, then the pleasure arose from it. The greatest serial killers I know about where Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, but they had their hench men do it, and never smelled blood!

    I wonder how long this guy will last in prison?
  5. I think that he may not be guilty of all the murders he confessed to and wouldn't be surprised if this came out at some point in the future after his deal is made. DAs and Cops can be wicked; they oftentimes just want to pin hard to solve murders on anybody so that the 48 murder cases are considered closed and their own butts are covered.

    Of course, my skepticism may be unwarranted but it wouldn't surpirse me in the least if what I say turns out to be true. Clearly, I am working with a vague knowledge of the situation and know nothing of the details of the case. If you put anyone in the sitation of the guy facing the death penalty and give him/her such a life sparing deal, I think that it is quite likely that in most cases, the deal will be taken, the confession made, the life spared. In the spirit of survival, most people will do what ever is necessary to avoid death, i think!

    As to what causes people to commit such atrocious acts of violence, I believe it is lack empathy; an inability to put one's self into someone else's shoes, so to speak. Most people who commit such acts are sociopathic!