What Made America Great?

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  1. 1. Constitutionally limited Federal Government.

    2. An economy which was a "meritocracy".

    America WAS great... now, well, we could argue that "we've gone to shit"... thanks to Progressive-ism.

    Who then are the "worst Presidents of all time"?

    I offer, in chronological order... (do I have this chronology right?)

    1. Teddy Roosevelt

    2. Woodrow Wilson

    3. FDR

    4. LBJ

    5. Jimmy Carter

    6. Odumbo.

    Who really is the "worst of the Progressives"? Hard to say (I REALLY HATE Wilson and Odumbo, but difficult to quantify)... it's like "smelling turds and trying to figure out which smells least-bad"... even the winner ain't no bed of roses. (GWB is in there too, among the worst... not sure how to rank him.)

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    I'm sure the liberals here will have a much different list. I think history will put Obama near the top. We'll see what crap he comes up with in the next two years to move up or down the list.
  3. Of course. Liberals/Democrats promote the Communist-like agenda... a total antithesis to the principles of the Founders.

    FUCK THE LIBERALS AND DEMOCRATS.. THEY ARE ENEMIES OF AMERICA! Odumob, Pelosi, Reid, Hillary, Schumer, Barney Fwank.. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpotn, Colmes, Maddow, Maher, Ohlberman, Janet Napalitono, Maxine Waters, etc... ALL OF THEM.

    Wake up citizens!

  4. Worst presidents list for the last 100 years, top 5.

    1. Ronald Reagan
    2. Jimmy Carter
    3. LBJ
    4. GWB
    5. Wilson
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    What the hell is up with you? This attitude is the problem. You are the cancer!

    You are trapped in this illusion and probably have too big of an ego to ever let go of it.

    'liberals' and 'democrats' are on your side, buddy. They want to make sure your kids are educated and safe and all the rest. They just don't agree with you on how best to do that.

    Your attitude and your rhetoric leads to things like the Arizona shooting. Chew on that. Wake up
  7. Interesting... Nixon, who committed FELONIES and resigned in disgrace... does not make the "worst" list.
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    It's YOUR list! :confused:
  9. Don't you think Nixon's "crimes" were peanuts compared to Liberal Crimes against American citizens? (Jeez... he illegally taped a conversation and promoted an unconstitutional invasion of privacy. ... the same farkin' thing the Government does A THOUSAND TIMES A DAY via The Patriot Act.. how does that compare to the damage Odumbo has wrought upon America?)

    Nixon's crimes were no worse than Clinton's "screwing/not screwing a cute, chubby intern"... and lying about it.

    Didn't JFK screw Marilyn Monroe?

    Nixon's and JFK's "crimes" were mere character flaws... they didn't HOSE THEN ENTIRE COUNTRY... My list of "worst presidents" all significantly harmed the citizenry of the USA.
  10. Wake us up when a liberal isn't the person doing all the shooting.
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