What licenses do you need to trade derivatives?

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  1. What licenses do you need to trade derivatives (equity options)? Series 7, 55, and 66 I know, b/c that's the general requirements to work in the financial industry, but is there any specific license to trade derivatives? Series 4?
  2. Unless I'm missing something about your question, the simple answer is "no". All you need to trade equity options is specific permission from your broker.
  3. As a retail trader no license is required.
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  7. I meant professionally, for an investment bank in the S&T department.
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  9. Ha! I mean seriously, when you're working as a trader for the equities sales and trading department of an I-bank, don't you need Series 7, Series 66, and Series 55 licenses? Then wouldn't you need Series 4 if you're working as a trader for the derivatives sales and trading department?
  10. Usually I-Banks want everyone to be at least series 7 if you are dealing with clients to be safe. maybe series 3 for commodities...
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