What Liberal Policies Got OBL Killed?

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  1. The left has suddenly gone from slapping terrorists being a criminal offense to assignation being Obama's greatest achievement.

    So what liberal policy led to his death?
  2. Planned Parenthood?
  3. Obamacare?
  4. The <del>closing</del> of Guantanamo Bay?
  5. By allowing Jamie Gorelick to keep our CIA and FBI and Special Forces from talking to each other?
  6. Hello


    The policy of performing military operations in a country we are not at war with, without telling them about it, for a guy who won the nobel peace prize Obama sure does like to murder people.
  7. The unionized TSA agents?
  8. Ricter


    I don't think there's much utility in considering America's foreign policy from the left/right perspective.
  9. The actions of the left here, and in the media, would suggest otherwise.

    They see this as simply a victory for Obama and the left at the expense of the failed policies of Bush, once again.

    So then, what are the successful liberal policies that got OBL killed?
  10. You are now criticizing Obama for deciding to take OBL out and not apprising in advance a country whose government is somewhat peppered with OBL sympathizers? Is this who you are now? Really? What would YOU have done differently?
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