What leverage should be good for a newbie to use?

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  1. I am new in Forex and curious to know what leverage should be good for a newbie to use and also is it true that high leverage high risk? Plz, give your suggestions.
  2. yes its true higher leverage = higher risk, its common sense. Only use what its in your margin account and keep hard stop losses until you get your methodology down.
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    First do not blindly assume high leverage is dangerous.
    You need high leverage to earn tons and tons and tons of money
    with a small amount of money. And that is the bottom line; to earn
    tons and tons of money.

    OK. Now to your question.
    It depends on the individual.

    For some people ( who have poor money management) , the lower the better.

    And for some other people ( who have good money management and will never ever over trade), the higher the better.

    So get to know yourself.
    We wouldn't be able to give you the appropriate answer.
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  4. As a newbie you should use a bet size of 0.000001 % per trade or better yet trade with simulator money.
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    1:50 is fine for Forex, any lower and your just wasting your time, I trade 1:200

    Demo first, find a plan, try it live, fail back on demo, repeat for 10years.
  8. If you're in Europe and subject to ESMA regulations then max retail leverage will be 1:30 on major pairs, less on minor pairs and indices.
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    Shouldn't you be trading without leverage as a beginner? Right now, your aim shouldn't be to make lots of profits but to hone your skills and preserve your account.
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