What levels are you waiting for to be your next trade entry?? (Any/all markets)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by spanish89, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Thought this may endup being a very interesting topic,
    as it will contain people live-calling inadvance what trades they are looking to make today,
    instead of just commenting with hind-sight about moves that have already occured and so are now irrelevent! :cool:

    But so as the title says, what levels are you looking/waiting for to be your next trade entry??
    And what will your target be for that trade?

    Im looking to sell the Dax at 7,750 with a target of 7,584.
    (Is currently at 7,665)
  2. Entry: Dips

    Exits: Rips
  3. Daring


    Buy red days to sell on green days.

    When the trend changes, the opposite.
  4. I meant what specific actual levels are you looking to enter trades at?? :cool: :p

    As everyone on here constantly claims that they are skilled and sucessful trader,
    but so it seems very strange why everyone is too wimpy to post inadvance what their trades are.. :cool:
  5. 7568,5 buy with the 7615,5 target...
  6. Highest Dax reached was 7,693, before dropping down to below 7,580,
    and so my sell order was not filled.

    And so resetting my sell order to 7,736, to resell when it pops back up,
    before it tanks again. :D
  7. Visaria


    Looking to buy CLH13 at 9700 :D

    Anyone who wants to sell, pls contact me, we can save some commission :cool:
  8. Lucrum


    Target around 9824ish?
  9. Visaria


    yeah, something like that
  10. Im about to sell Eur/Gbp at 0.8642,
    target is 8.8500.

    (Will post chart and basic explanation in my journal to show why im making this trade)

    Expect target to be hit by early/mid next week though. :)
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