What level trading status in your IRA?

Discussion in 'Options' started by maynard, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. maynard


    My broker, Schwab, allows me level 2 status in my taxable account which allows me to trade option spreads. They are resisting giving me that authority in my IRAs. I want to be able to trade limited risk option strategies (spreads) in my IRA and want to know if this is a Schwab policy only. Do other brokers allow spread trading in IRAs?

    Would appreciate any feedback
  2. That is a Schwab policy. I have an IRA with thinkorswim, and I can trade limited risk strategies.
  3. Ditto with IB. You just have to answer their little questionaire correctly to indicate you have the right amount of experience to handle it.

    I trade limited risk option spreads in my IRA all the time.
  4. you can trade futures or options any way you desire in your account when you set up IRA through a trust.

    mtrustcompany.com is the biggest. There is about $60 a year fee, and they hold $500 back only. Some hold near half your money!!!