What lessons did you learn in 2017 that improved your trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rin4et, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. rin4et


    Happy new year everyone! With regard to trading what did you learn in 2017? Feel free to share anything that improved your trading.
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  2. truetype


    Always take the other side of Paul Krugman.
  3. I heard taxation was theft...I learned you can still earn even when vol is super low... Inflation is theft over heard to .. the Government creates a inmoral system of incentives I've heard......I've heard people talk mostly about Bitcoin.... We how many people definitely see how many people leave the table with their money trading Bitcoin..... I'm for a private non regulated commodity money like gold or silver..... The new year Will bring at least a 20+ vix.. hopefully more...say a prayer
  4. slugar


    I've learned no matter how many books you read or workshops you attend you need to create your own method that you totally believe in and own it and make it a part of you if are going to make it in this game
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  5. samuel11


    Don't forget Gartman
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  6. someone must feedback this info to Paul Krugman.
  7. Jack1960


    But Gartman is right 100% of the time:strong:
  8. Not just in 2017, but every year I confirm that there's still more to learn (and that's what makes it all so much fun!!).
  9. fan27


    Don't rely an Yahoo EOD data.
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  10. truetype


    But that's not a 2017 discovery. Been known for years.
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