what language is this:

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  1. Amennyiben a fentiekbe ütközõ entitás jelenik meg az oldaladon, úgy a freeblog.hu stáb fenntartja a jogot az oldal azonnali, indoklás és értesítés nélküli törlésére. (Bár ha nem egyértelmû a dolog, küldünk egy emailt.)


  2. Tums


    it is Hungarian.
  3. Yeah the freeblog.hu was a dead giveaway.
  4. thanks!

  5. From what i gather, hungarian is a beautiful language, a remnant of sorts, next to romanian, of the "pure" romance language's.

    Its sort of odd, that the very basis of all european culture, the very languages upon which it is based, could somehow be so neglected, particularly given hungarian is very much a localised , ethnic tongue now, when in past times, you would likely be speaking something not dissimiliar-its curious, that romanian itself is the common link to these ancient languages, the most pure, technically, of all european languages-well, your either into these things or your not, hey, it is kinda boring.

    Anyhow, well, there it is.