What Kinda Chair Do You Trade From - and The Importance of Good Seating

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    For myself I am no mug.. I trade from a comfy armchair.. four monitors nicely arranged around me.. feels like piloting a super duper dell spaceship.. never helps the trading of course and have to combat the falling asleep problem but overall works way better than my stool from before.. def more relaxed
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    cannot vote. please add pictorial illustrations. thanks.

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    cannot add pictorial illustrations. please vote. thanks :)

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    Yes....I am starting to get aches and pains around my hips from three years trading from a bad seat.
  5. I want transparent monitors and a hand controlled setup like he had in "Minority Report".

    For now I stick with my swivel office-type chair.
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    Yes I agree absolutely rich.. now thats trading! But the comfy armchair would make that even beter I reckon.. but then maybe I am just getting old!

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    I'd like to trade in a set of facility that Washington used in "the bone collector".


  8. Phantom of the pit suggest a Rocking chair :D

    POP: Get your office ready! Pick out your office where it is comfortable for you to have quiet time and a proper place to relax. Trading is going to be an all-out effort if they expect to climb the mountain in front of them.

    The first thing is to get a comfortable chair. It must be a proper chair in order to start behavior modification immediately.

    ALS (laughing): I really have heard strange things but really? The readers are going to think this is a joke book! A chair?

    POP: I'll tell you the reason for the remark about the chair being so important. There is significance in what I am going to tell you about the proper chair. You see, some traders think the market is to position yourself and lean back and wait to get stopped out or take their winnings.

    It's not. That is where your chair is going to save you more than it cost you. Don't get one of the lean-back easy chairs as they will be too comfortable. As with the markets, you must be reminded daily that you can never let yourself get too comfortable in your market positions.

    Don't get a standard rocker, especially if you have a cat with a long tail, as it moves all over the place. What kind of chair do you think I am talking about?

    ALS: I'm supposed to ask the questions! I know your chairs so that is an easy one to answer.

    POP: Okay, I'll give you the answer anyway. You want to get what is known as a slider-rocker chair -- one that rocks back and forth over its own base without moving over the floor. Even get yourself an ottoman. The big reasons are as follows:

    First, in your trading career you will find that the markets go back and forth without going anywhere a lot of the time. Your slider rocker chair will remind you of this every time you use it. That step is important to drill into your thinking. Your chair will not move around the room but will rock back and forth.

    Second, in your trading you will find you do not ever control the market but only your position. Your chair is the same way as you can stop your position wherever you wish. I want you to drill that into your thinking also.

    I will repeat what I just said because it is important. You can stop your position wherever YOU want! You wouldn't think of letting the chair oscillate if you didn't want it to. Same in trading. You can stop the market's oscillation any time you wish. Simply stop (remove) your position.

    ALS: I knew you had a good reason for the proper chair. Do you really believe this helps?

    POP: How much easier can it be? No one has to remind you to stop your chair from rocking back and forth. You will do it without thinking. Your trading position will oftentimes need to be stopped. It must become second nature to automatically do it at times. This simple symbolic gesture for your office will save you lots of distress in your trading.
  9. I guess all I would need is a pre-cog to tell me what trades to make!
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    I guess that means trading from bed then? er.. even in my wildest dreams I have tried not to let that hedonistic thought loose! and I thought armchairs were decadent!

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