What kind of training do CNBC personality and other media figures get?

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  1. Clowns, fools, dumbasses, pumpers...

    They get called lot's of bad names but really in my view they are soldiers who have mastered the art of proppaganda like non other in history.

    They can discredit any kind of truthspeaking on such a subliminal level it get's downright creepy when you think of it.

    How did they learn this?

    Are there bootcamps for Television hosts?

    I'd be interested to know if anyone had any view on this.

  2. Blue_Ice


    While not taking ALL the credit away from them, any mammal with average speech skills could do the same job with similar results.

    It is not them as talking heads, it's the reach of the infrastructure that does the damage.

    Can't recall the history icon that said that pen and paper could be more powerful than an army of thousands.

    When the quote was written, printed press was the main media of mass communication.

    TV plays that role today.

    Add to that the sheeple nature and low average level of education of the population and the task is not that difficult to complete.

    Take everything you hear on TV with a HUGE grain of salt.

  3. What kind of training do CNBC personality and other media figures get?

    At CNBC it is not about training, it is all about hair and teeth. They hire the women on the basis of their hair and the men for the most part on their absence of hair. Pete Najarian was a test hire. No hair on top, real or otherwise, but lots of real hair in back. Toothy smiles are important for both genders.

    Hey, CNBC is not stupid, they know most of its audience rarely turn on the sound.