what kind of system will run 500 charts

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gpstrade, Jan 28, 2007.

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    what kind of system will run 500 charts on 2 day, 6 minute intervals
  2. That's a good question, what have you looked into already?

    How many monitors do you plan on using?
  3. MultiCharts will if you are running a Dual Core 3+Mgh processors and 4 gig of Ram. I'm running Windows XP 64 bit on a like machine with nothing else running and easily running 200 volume bar chart. 6 minute charts would be a breeze.
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    I am using 2 screens, i type the symbol in each chart and then i minimize the chart. the charts are never open for display. I wrote a efs program in esignal that alerts me when a stock is ready to buy. My last computer i bought 3 months ago, its a dell, 2 meg ram 7900 nvida card, AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 . It opens about 200 charts and then say no system resource and freezes
  5. I'm running 4 screens and I'm increasing it to 6 (2 being projectors). That is plenty and I like your "Alert" program. I'm having one done for my software too. Invaluable tool.
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    Only 500 charts?

    I run more than that on my cell phone.
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    Quah thanks for help, I appreciate all the help.
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    The better question would be, why would you want to run 500 charts at the same time? Why not just use a third party software (like Wealth-lab) to do the analysis for you?
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    why do people always ask a question instead of giving real help. why use a 3rd party. i wrote my own program to scan the charts.
  10. You could also use Tradestation's Radar Screen. I have never used it personally, but you can program basically whatever you want in it. So instead of having 500 charts open, you only have the radar screen open which looks like a quote screen. Just an idea.
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