What kind of strategy do you use to trade this type of market?

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    Im new to trading, read up on technical analysis a LOT over summer, and paper traded, and then decided to open an actual account to learn, thinking that whats better to learn than using real money,in the real world environment in tough times.

    Anyhow, my question is what type of strategy are successful people using in this type of market?

    Is your trading automated with a charting program or is it based on news or what?

    So far i've been making my trades based on support and resistance levels, and whatever news will or has come out. Also i havent been picking individual stocks, mostly because i dont have margin so i cant short. Therefore i've been using etfs to make trades during the day, mostly making day trades on skf.

    Thanks in advance
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    hmm, just read that but im not quite sure what your getting at? Im not asking where to put my money. I realize that trading takes work and time and commitment. Im not worried about if i win or lose bc im learning. Im concerned about learning from those who know what theyre doing.

    With that said i just want to know if what i have been doing is a step in the right direction based upon what others are doing to successfully make money in the market. Therefore i would like to know the strategies that successful people are using
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    Please someone from SCT camp come and destroy this man's potential if any

    with almighty SCT :(
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    I'll PM you with "some" info
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    Thanks cuz i dont know what sct is but im googling it right now
  7. droig ... im sure all style still work they just need a bit of tweaking to match the market i have and will always use momentum why.... i dunno cause i like it.

    hope that helps
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    I like to use the inverted grab your ankles dip buy...:D
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    guald thanks for the info.

    can you provide me with a definition on public indicators. Are they the typical stochastics, macd, rsi, money flow, stuff like that?
  10. Here is a system. Watch a rally of a stock (or an index). Then look for one of the symbols in the image and take a short position. (drawing is not particularly wonderful)

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