What kind of size on NQ?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by EMini-Player, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. Question for peopel who trade the NQ for a living: what kind of size would an average trader need to pull to make around $1K/day. I would think around 8-10 contracts. I traded the NQ for the first time today and it took a while to make 1 point. I was hoping for faster moves....might just be the dull market this afternoon :confused:

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    try the es,it's much better than the nq now.
  3. 168, eventually, I will move to the ES. Just going one step at a time. Started with YM a few weeks ago, now moving to NQ. Next step is the big daddy of e-minies, the ES :D

  4. ttt. C'mon...where are the NQ high rollers??

  5. I think only you can answer the question, because it depends on your style. I've been trading 2 contracts, targeting 4-5 pts on the first and 10+ on the second. A rare very good day will make $500-800. A typical winning day is more like $200-500. A losing day is like $200-300. My style is entering on pullbacks. To average $1000 a day, with this style, I would probably have to trade about 10 ctcs and have an account of about $100k, where five losing days in a row would take me down almost $10k. Still a bad streak could wipe out the account. So to be safe I would need $200k to trade that size and not worry about anything.

    p.s. I don't trade NQ (or anything else) for a living, just a supplement.