What kind of scam is this?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by stock777, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. Just noticed the after hours mafia , playing with a stock called SNTK.

    They somehow posted prints on Island (CIN) at 80 cents right through the then current offer of 63 cents or so. And I think it was an ISLD offer. Thats supposed to be impossible.

    Looked like pure tape painting to me, and of course the garbage traded right down to 60 cents after that.
  2. Either no one knows anything about this, or they know but are afraid to talk about it.

    No problem.
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    I don't see any such prints. On the Naz tape, I see 13,800 in three prints at 0.69 (16:08:53 and 16:18:47 ET), and another 5,000 in two prints at 0.67 (17:32:38 ET). Island's T&S shows the same, plus another 100 @ 0.68 at 18:50:29.

    The Naz tape does not show any offers below 0.67.
  4. Are they related to the Gay Mafia? I've heard they both get on their knees fast...
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    There is nothing to stop ISLD from traing through the best markets.... happens all day in every stock.

    Welcome to the OTC world.

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  7. 1) I was watching t&s live on 1/30, saw the prints.

    2) They seemed to print right through the existing ISLD offer, so qazmax , I don't care what happens every day, THAT doesn't happen.

    Attached is a jpg of the t&s. Tradestation makes it hard to copy the t&s data as text.

    Some crazy prints.
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    Denial is an ugly thing....

    It is the nature of a fragmented market... no price protection and no gurantee the opposing side of a trade comes to you and not someone else...

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    I'm guessing it was a problem at TS or at the Naz. Maybe they repeated some data from earlier in the day. Like I said, none of it showed up on the historical tape at Island or Nasdaq the next day.
  10. why do I get the impression that like the trades going past the offer , this is going right past qazmax ?
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