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  1. are you? If you had to pick any other career besides trading, what would it be?

    The Fine Print

    It has to be achievable (i.e. I hope you won't say something like "I would be the CEO of GE" or "I would be the world's first trillionaire astronaut" because the odds of those things happening are very, very low).

    Also, I know many of you would say you would never be anything but a trader, but pretend for a moment that trading doesn't exist.
  2. Lumberjack.
  3. cpo

    cpo Guest

    I would be happy with an outdoor labor work, in the mountains or in a farm.
  4. machine


    Potter. :cool:

    P.S. I would recommend it to anyone. It's the best stress management I know. Even better than Prozac, I think.:)
  5. Carpenter
  6. machine


    Hmm... So far noone wants to work in an office or run some kind of a business and make big $$$.:cool:
  7. nitro



  8. President.
  9. rs7


    Musician and/or Baseball player

    But Astronaut sounds pretty cool too!
  10. Music Producer

    It still is my ambition. And when I have made enough from trading I'm going to buy my own recording studio.

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