What kind of percentage return do you get per day?

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  1. Just curious about how the returns stack up for different trading styles.

    Please list what type of trading you do (generally) and what kind of returns on your investment you get per day. Feel free to give it as a range if you're more comfortable doing that.

    I'm talking about your entire account, not just the winners. So if you have $100,000 and you split it into groups of 10 and play each group winding up with 7 winners and 3 losers, do you end up with $101,000 at the end of the day (1%)?


  2. achilles28


    10%+ for scalping.

    Good days, more..
  3. m22au


    I do a combination of daytrading, as well as holding positions with timeframes of months and years.

    Returns per day?

    If over a period of many years I average at least 0.05% per day then I'm happy.
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    Do you average a 26-fold increase (10% average daily return * 260 days per year) in your account each year?

  5. Agree. Over a period of time, if I can can average between .05-1% per day, I'm happy.
  6. achilles28


    Doubling once a week, if trading everyday, is not uncommon.

    Aim high(er).
  7. :D Most on ET are just happy with the return OF their money.:eek:
  8. LMAO
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  10. That only happens if you are paper trading 10 different accounts /day.
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