what kind of monthly returns are good fx

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  1. Hi

    What kind of monthly % gains do good fx day traders make?

    I am not talking about cowboys who gamble and make 30% one month to lose it all next. But good, low risk pro fx day traders.

    2-5% per month? That kind of range?

    Thank you
  2. 2% to 5% is wrong. It's 3% to 5%.
  3. Anything > 0 = Good

    For some 2%-5% is Fantastic, for other's it is mediocre

    The performance is different for everybody. What is important is consistency, once you have that, the sky's the limit. Then it is only a matter of account size.
  4. eleventy-two percent, every 37 and a half days.

    Anything else is a joke.
  5. Serious answers thx

    Jokers...you weren't even funny.

  6. but on Click bank I can buy a $49.97 robot that guarantees to make me 40%+ every month...don't say this isn't true?
  7. Eyez


    really? you think some automated strategy which does 40% a month is going to be sold to you for ~$50?

    Please tell me your joking
  8. Lucrum


    In that case I'll take 10 of them.
  9. you ask for serious answers, and say the jokers weren't funny

    then you say this

  10. well I'm up about 15% on an M6E account I just started trading this week

    trading futures has a different profit opportunity than spot fx because the overnight
    margin is greatly reduced when day trading
    the M6E $12,500 contract o/n margin is $330 and day trading margin $100
    the 6E $125,000 contract o/n margin is $3,300 and day trading margin $500
    the M6E account was opened with $660 and I felt comfortable day trading 4 contracts
    which at $1.25 pips = $5 per pip and the r/t commission is $1.56 per contract

    I opened it in theory to trade DDW - Day-to-Days-to-Weeks, and on a purely math
    basis, said if a 1 contract trade obtained 10 pips per day, then one could double
    contracts traded every 6 weeks, so that would be about a monthly 66% profit based
    on the contract margin

    initially I'd thought I'd take profit and wait out a correction, or, trade any correction if
    I understood what was going on. in theory I would base trading analysis after each
    day's close, however, the third technique includes day trading so, I imagine if being
    profitable multi contract day trading and maybe holding some trades o/n, then doubling
    might be occurring at a faster rate than 6 weeks, possibly once a week or two given
    the daily range of the eurusd
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