what kind of life would you prefer?

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  1. If you have a system that makes 100 millions per year, would you choose to live a life underground so that no one knows you are so rich, or go high profile so that you become a social celebrity?
  2. You don't actually mean living underground, you mean like anonymous correct?
  3. low profile is always the best, just look at all the people on those "housewives" shows and how their lives fall apart instantly after grasping for the limelight a little. and if you choose to be generous and give to charities- it is always better to do it anonymously rather than having the alterior motives of being celebrated
  4. correct.
  5. For me, rich and anonymous.
  6. Gets boring fast
  7. You make 100's of millions a year? :confused:

    The OP is talking about 100+ mil per year.


  8. The amount doesn't matter once you have all you can spend. It becomes quite boring living in anonymity.
  9. I'm already there, but I don't make anywhere near 100 mil a year. The OP was very specific with his question and so I gave him an answer.


  10. You must be a budha not to be bored living in anonymity with money.
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