What kind of leverage can you get trading bonds?

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  1. And what is the cost of the leverage?

    I know all about equities and futures, but not bonds.
  2. Why not trade bond futures. I know the 10-year note future has an underlying of about $110,000 and an initial overnight margin of about $1,000. That's some pretty good leverage!
  3. Cash haircut on treasury debt is typically 1% with corps up to 5%. Obviously this isn't available to the retail participant. The vig is variable.
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    Why not figure out a market you know and then trade that?
  5. CBOT 10y futures with 100k notional and approx 90:1 gearing based upon initial margin.
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    what advantage is margin when the underlying moves less than other markets? You need to compare daily ranges with margin to see where you get the most bang. Still though, I would recommend not trading at more than 5 to 1 regardless of exchange requirements ie 1 10 yr contract per 20,000 equity
  7. Statistical vols in the 10s are >6% at 90:1. The only US exchange traded paper-asset with greater available leverage is the CME FX contracts; specifically the EuroFX future at 107:1 haircut at 8% stat vol. The yen may carry a slightly lower haircut.

    The SGX Nikkei contract carries a very low haircut a well. These contracts are definitely on the top-10 worldwide. More than enough leverage to get someone in serious trouble.
  8. Thanks for the info. How about Eurodollar and Euribor futures?
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    Disregard exchange minimums and use your own . It's all a part of sound money management
  10. EDs carry lower haircuts, but the stat vols are in the 4% range. Another highly leveraged contract. I don't follow the Euribors.
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