What kind of imbecile does it take to actually watch and listen to CNBC

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  1. I have to figure there are lots of you that don't mind the vile sound effects they toss at every opportunity.

    I'd like to know how it's possible for a decent human to listen to that for more than 30 seconds?
  2. Don't get it either. I can't stand it for more than a few minutes.

    I noticed similar soundeffects during the election nights on CNN. Everytime the, otherwise reasonable show was interrupted for commercials they left and entered with a horrendous musical (?) sound of about 15 secs. This turned me off so much I stopped watching.

    The question should be, for whom do they make so much noise? Who on earth did they screen for their marketing profiles to come up with this rubbish. I can imagine maybe a few 1000 people (in the whole world) who like it. Or do they only profile US citizens and is there something wrong with my imagination?
  3. Why do people care so much about CNBC, especially the haters?
  4. Maybe because it hurts so much to be repeatedly reminded about the number of imbeciles around.
  5. I see all over Et people bitching and moaning about CNBC and especially Cramer. Why do they bother so much? Why not just turn the channel and forget about it?
  6. dude, they break stories, they move markets (less than they used to , I admit), and if you're trying to daytrade you should be looking.

    Obviously , they decided that YOU, the viewer would not watch if you were not bombarded with idiot sounds.

    They must be right.

    Because I hardly watch at all, and someone must be , cause it aint me or Ursa.

    Thus , I'm trying to profile the imbecilic audience.
  7. Now see.

    GE owns CNBC

    They allow it to degenerate into a fools network.

    Thus, the poor GE performance across the board. Bad judgment everywhere.

    If top brass had half a clue , would CNBC look like it does?
  8. hughb


    CNBC and Jim Cramer provide haters with exactly what they want. Continue to tune in, be annoyed, and post your grievances on the internet. It's the only way you can truly be happy.
  9. I watch very little. A few minutes a week if that.

    I'll let you watch for me.
  10. Do you mean that loud fingers-on-blackboard mechanical screeching noise whenever they change a chart or quote screen? That shit drives me nuts.
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