what kind of forex trading strategy should one use ?

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  1. Currency traders make decisions using both technical factors and economic factors. From which of the two factor is better ?
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    Just follow the trend at 4H or bigger TFs. You will never be b-booked.
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    One that has an objectively proven net positive expectation ("edge"), which you can apply with appropriate risk management and trade management skills, after gradually learning how to develop those; and one with which you've first made a minimum of 300 consecutive trades on a demo/sim account without losing money and with no drawdown bigger than 7.5%, before ever trading it with a funded account.

    (I started off trading forex, myself - for years - and if it helps you at all, I've described some of my own learning-curve in this post.)
  4. thanks alot:D i readed your post ...it was very useful for me to learn something good and differnt as well:thumbsup:
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  5. Forex market requires both the fundamental analysis and technical analysis; one can’t ignore the importance of both. In the fundamental analysis, we try to analyze the fundamentals, like national economic growth, monetary policies, inflation, interest rate of a nation, changes in the global economy in order to determine future prices of a currency. While in the technical analysis, we are actively trying to use technical factors, like trend line, candlestick pattern, various charts or graphs to predict the future movements and its direction.
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  6. First, the efficient market hypothesis assumes that all investors perceive all available information in precisely the same manner. ... Therefore, one argument against the EMH points out that, since investors value stocks differently, it is impossible to ascertain what a stock should be worth under an efficient market hypothesis. So this leaves us without to many clues to pick up along the way - Try reading A good ebooks where people have left off and evaluate your own trading styles under there destinations. - A Quote by Peter Matthew Matty - The skills of the wise man dictates from those that come before him - And to these that come afterwards.
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