What kind of Edge you have?

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What kind of Edge you have?

  1. Complex algorithm (possibly a combination)

  2. Candle by candle statistics

  3. Price actions

  4. Patterns

  5. Mathematical equations

  6. Statistics based on indicators

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  1. carrer


    I may not have stated all the possible edges, but it would be good if everyone could tell specifically what type your edges are.

    Also, does your edge(s) work temporarily or permanently (since you started using them till now) ?
  2. Nice thread. So far I am only "working" on my edge and studying the market. But so far; chart reading and tape reading. I look for price/volume patterns and I am working on some setups where I combine these tools with risk and money management. - But thats the technical aspect of the game. The other aspect is mental and the keyword here is mindset.
  3. mainly Patterns -- and to some extent common sense, intuition, experience, divine intervention, and luck. o_O
  4. God on my side, and I mean it.
  5. Great question, especially since my company is Edge Trading, LLC. Without a doubt my Edge is technical analysis that focuses on trend following with a reversion strategy. I use Camarilla pivot points to determine the trend, then use a bunch of technical indicators to alert me to best entry prices. The rest of my Edge focuses on perfect money and risk management. I have created specific formulas that I follow to a T.
  6. carrer


    Looks like divine interventions play a big role.
  7. Autodidact


    A highly competent trader would not talk about his or her edge(s).
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  8. carrer


    They are not sharing what exactly their edges are. This is merely sharing a rough idea of what your edges are based on.
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  9. NoDoji


    My edge is based on price action (price behavior at key levels, with "key" being defined by me based on many hours of study). This edge only dissolves if a liquid auction market were to dissolve. From the look of every historical chart I've seen and daily real-time trading for over 7 years, it's about as permanent as sunrise and sunset.
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  10. Redneck


    What kind of Edge you have?

    The kind that don't easily dull.., break..., even bend - much

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