what kind of computer for trading?

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    I'm setting up a part time short term trading business in August. What kind of computer hardware do I need speed, ram, etc? This will be only for researching and tradingI'm considering a new hp computer. Do I need more than a dual monitor? What about 3 monitors? What monitors are good?

  2. Tell more about what kind of trading youre planning to do
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    The kind of trading I'm doing is swing 3-5 day or hold stocks for a few weeks.

    I'll be doing charting, research, using level quote II screens and software. I won't be day trading.

    When I start out it will be part time, then plan full time within a year.

    I see all of these elaborate setups, but am not sure if that is what I need. I'm a newbie so I am not sure what I need. This computer will only be used for business(trading research.

    I would like to know what brand of computer is good?

    What brand of monitor?

    I've read through the threads and am confused

    I see some people have a comuter for charting, one for trading, and one for research.

  4. Brand of monitor and computer is the least of your worries.
    However, since you insist anything around $1000 will do nicely. Dell, HP, and everything in between. Trust me it is not the machine that will make you money in the end. Concentrate on your studies.
  5. You wont need multiple monitors for that kind of trading, but I choose to because I had many programs running and needed the extra space (your platform will take up the entire screen most likely). If you choose dual monitors (I like samsung, but for any wide screen, high rez monitor, expect to pay up 500+), you're going to also need a high end graphics card..and those dont come in any old computer ( G-force cards are nice).

    I have explorer open, two chat rooms, i-tunes, poker games, 2 platform (stocks/ FX), and who knows what else...

    trying to fit all that crap on one screen and having to constantly minimizing windows is a pain in the ass. If this sounds like you too, you might wanna invest in a high-end graphics card (or just buy an expensive computer) and have someone install the card. I dont know, but you may also need/ want a memory upgrade..so get another memory module (512mb )

    Also make sure you get MS excel 07...cost like 300.00, but i wish i had it.
  6. why MS 07 excel versus 03 version
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    get the home and student version of office 2007 for $149 at your local university bookstore/computer store.
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    As others have already noted - the computer is the least of your worries. If you're committed to moving forward w/ this endeavor, get the cheapest thing you can afford and only consider expanding when:

    - you figure out what you need
    - you earn the money for the new setup w/ your profits
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