What kind of communism is this?

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  1. Beijing (CNN) -- Liang Wengen, China's richest man, received the green light to become a candidate for the Communist Party of China's Central Committee. If elected, Liang will be the first private entrepreneur to join the ruling party's policymaking body.

    Liang, 55, is chairman and founder of Sany Group, China's largest heavy machinery company. Both Forbes and Hurun China Rich List rank him on top of their 2011 rich list, estimating his wealth at $9.3 billion and $10.7 billion, respectively.

    The Central Committee is an important body in China's top-down political structure.

    The Central Committee typically meets four times a year to discuss and approve major policies.


    So the billionaires are taking over the communist party, What kind of communism is this?Maybe Chinese Communist Party(CCP) should change its name to Chinese Capitalist Party. :mad:
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    They have been in the mode of "Communism is whatever we say it is" for decades...
  3. well the worlds richest man is CARLOS SLIM- a mexican- but I am still convinced its Vladimir Putin
  4. "What kind of communism is this?"

    The thread title

    Is capitalismo autoritario
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    seeking a successful capitalist as the member of its committee, the commie top dogs want to admit publicaly that communism does not work.

  6. China is communism only by name for at least the last decade, the entire country is run as a capitalist nation ruled by dictatorship, there is very little welfare or other government handout programs, taxes are also much lower. Entrepreneurship is rampant as companies/small business rise and fall according to market darwinism.

    There is no help for the bottom 30%. If you are poor, either you 1)work your ass off to make min wage and eat 2) becoming entrepreneur and work your ass off (a disproportion amount of chinese billionaires are self made from poverty) 3) living in shit and starve.

    US is capitalism only by name, we are more about welfare, bailouts and taking care of the poor, the lazy, and in most cases a combination of the two.
  7. capitalism doesn't have anything to do with the way you spend your money. It has to do with how you make your money. I don't care how socialist any country is, you still need capitalism to fund all the spending.
  8. If you don't give money to the lazy, they will work very hard stealing it from you, then you just have to give more money to law enforcement to keep the lazy from stealing more. And this just keeps going on until there are more lazy people and law enforcement officials than workers. And that is called communism. Or you can call it capitalism. Either way, everybody just ends up being lazy or working for the government until there's nobody left to steal from anymore.
  9. We were just talking about this on another thread. When the Prime Minister decides he wants a new railroad, it's a done deal, no debate, and it goes in a straight line with no conern to who or what that may displace. Makes for quick growth, but is any system which violates an individuals personal freedom sustainable?
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