What kind of chicks dig traders?

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  1. I don't mean the drunken dingbats anyone can drag out of a bar but a real woman who can actually put up with the full-time trading lifestyle. Based on personal backtesting (haha), what are her minimum required personality traits?
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    Longshot's Girl
  3. fan27


    bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha....that's awesome.

  4. Geez, you could have put a warning label on that or something.
  5. Hey Choad, is that Bastard Boy Floyd??!!
  6. anna nicole smith
  7. http://www.traderdaily.com/dater/search.html

  8. What kind of chicks dig traders?

    Based on the pictures from the ET receptions, I would have to say....the really, really desperate ones!!! :D
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    They all look like card carrying members of The Ancient and Benevolent order of The Gold Diggers Society.
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    blow up dolls, hookers, mytwocents.
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