What just happened with the YM??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Fractals 'R Us, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Dang, horribly slow market all day [Dow Mini]dithering around R1, then 11am some bsd comes back from lunch or something and jerks the price down across the day's entire range nearly and now it's drifted all the way back to the top of the day's range... or did some big brokers have a meeting about their bonuses or something and everybody closed out for the day to have a long weekend... I don't see any economic reports, it's Friday anyhow... was there some news?
  2. Please delete this thread.
  3. It has some overhead supply about 8065, unless there was news it should turn around, go back down, back the way it came [dang, 60's music lyrics in my head]. If it doesn't then it just proves I'm out of the loop regarding some breaking events... again...
  4. Fractal,

    Please do yourself a huge favor and get a news service.

    You just can't trade without knowing market moving news.

    (Bank stress test announcements came out at 2:00 EST).
  5. You're right.. thank you in fact. I used to use Track Data's news feed years ago... I've been all into coding and automation for a long time, now I'm screen trading... and loving it of course... except for the forty five minute snoozes punctuated by five seconds of activity... well I'm short from 65, at least I got that part right...