What just happened to futures?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by palenimbus, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. Dropped off a cliff..
  2. BAC
  3. What effect does BAC have over this full-bull market?
  4. maybe it's not a full bull
  5. Those numbers sucked.
  6. its creates sellside liquidity so the bigboys can get their long bias fills for FOMC day. Which is ideal. :)
  7. <i>"maybe it's not a full bull"</i>

    Of course it is. Subprime is contained. There is nil inflation. Big banks are gathering together to join hands and create a superfund that helps out the have-nots... you know, the ones who actually thought they could create their own derivatives and get away with that forever.

    GS reported stellar performance, why wouldn't all big banks follow suit? Natural assumption in a strong, bull market like this one.
  8. ok
  9. I'm amazed that this is a surprise to the market.
  10. Yeah, and besides, oil is at record high, dollar is not able to keep position as world currency, we're approaching ww3, fed had to rig rates to help out banks, china is highly overleveraged. In short, as disaster waitng to happen. Let's go long all! Right.

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