what just happened on CL @10:32AM EST?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by MoreYummy, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. what just happened on CL @10:32AM EST?

    It just went down suddenly with s&p quickly, and bounce back up?
  2. tallpaw


    Looks like a fat finger trade to me .. anybody else know anything?

  3. i dont see any special news, except NG @10:30, but doubt it would cause something like that.
  4. Surprise


  5. Bugs on the windshield. :cool:
  6. RedSun


    As the other poster just said: Greek. Euro jumped from 13295 to 13335, then dropped to 13260. You get the idea.

    No one cares about NG other than the NG guys :)
  7. well, that greek news came out before 10:32AM,

    so its something hit the wrong button
  8. probably a pre-arranged fat finger trade
  9. RedSun


    What u talking about? It is Greek downgrade.
  10. Chuck Norris covering a few thousand contracts.
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