What just happened in the AUDUSD?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by 5yrtrader, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Cash and futures down huge.

    Futures went from 9180 to 8785 in a minute....

    Currently 9095....
  2. AUD/JPY is getting destroyed.
  3. They are probably taking off the risky trades now..

    Look at NZD/USD
  4. Chood


    These figures correct? If so, my guess is oil corner is exiting: long oil/short USD has transferred more wealth in a month than any trade in history. But it counts only if you can get out of it.
  5. Yes, i think we will see her at 0.7800 over the next few of days, provided there is no intervention talk.
  6. They are busting all trades below 9036 in the futures, still a big down move, but not nearly as big

    Any news on this?
  7. mokwit


    AUD/USD down USD/JPY down i.e. JPY/USD up is carry trade unwinding (again).
  8. This looks like it's the big one.
  9. Simple logic -

    If USD is going to almost 0% interest rate, then do you choose JPY or USD as the carry trade base?

    The expectation is that Japan economy will be destroyed and that US will survive. Carry based on USD will be a better choice over JPY.

    Interesting thing would be - who is the next "global" currency?

    I don't think Euro will do the job.

    Japan and China were talking about a common currency for their region - next best thing? :)