What John McCain Did that is Unforgivable

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  1. Palin needed to pull off a miracle for McCain to move a single number, and she didn't.

    She's reinforced her image as a halting, screeching, annoying lightweight in the eyes of independent voters - the only ones that matter right now.

    Biden is Presidential because he has gravitas and a grasp of critical issues.

    Sarah will get some much needed rest up in Alaska, back with her family, when McCain is defeated. She seems like a very decent person, but despite the claims, she is not 'average,' being the Governor of Alaska, not is being 'average' (if she were) a good thing in a VP or POTUS.

    It was unfair of McCain to toss Palin into the mixing bowl like this. She will be remembered as being skewered and will fade into a parody. McCain should have picked MITT ROMNEY.
  2. Biden would be 73 if he had to become president in Obama's secind term
  3. McCain would be 76 by the end of a first term.
  4. And you will finally graduate from High School. So what else is new?
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    I've never seen somebody in a debate decide she was going to answer her own (unasked) questions rather than the questions that were actually asked of her.

    Grade: F-