What jobs are making money now?

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  1. I have had the experience of working in commercial real estate as it went own the shitter, now have a decent job in finance as financial careers get shakier and zillions of applicants flood the market. Im seriously scrapping to get capitalized to the point that I can trade individually.

    When I get fired, which may happen any day, Im wondering where are the decent paying jobs? I feel like there isnt anything Im going to be able to "fall back on" (finance, real estate) and getting an MBA will just better prepare me to be in the same predicament.

    So Ive tried thinking outside of the box on this since Im either gong to get fired or get fed up with getting screwed $-wise and quit, but wasnt sure where to start.

    are we all going to have to go be roughnecks on oil rigs to get ahead? it must be cool they have a reality tv show about it.

    Maybe go be one of those slave laborers in Dubai doing construction and earn back some of my gas dollars.

    Teach english in Brazil... where the women are as sweet as the ethanol lol. intangibles...

    What are the lucrative niches now? any thoughts?
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  3. bankruptcy attorneys.
  4. Mergers & Acquisitions of Identities

    Thousands of people around the year hand their identities to our graduates on a daily basis. Our graduates email a specially formulated email that mimics the recipient's financial institution or service provider and threatens to discontinue service unless immediate action is taken to update us with all their personal information. We direct the recipient to a web site that requests their name, address, identification numbers, credit card numbers, and checking account numbers. With an average response rate of 14%, our top scholars are able to earn over US$5,000,000 annually.
  5. fuck it im selling everything, buying a used honda ruckus and moving in with grandma.

    you gotta help out your grandma.
  6. There is always opportunity:


    Posted: 5:06 am
    September 28, 2008

    John McKenna is a rare bird on Wall Street.

    No, he isn't a hedge-fund manager with a positive return year-to-date, he's an executive with a "help wanted" sign hanging outside his door.

    McKenna, a top manager at SecondMarket, a lower-Manhattan trading firm specializing in distressed assets, is looking to quadruple its 50-trader staff as it moves into larger digs. With the collapse of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, you see, there are a lot more distressed assets out there, and therefore, a lot more work for SecondMarket to do.

    "We have hired a bunch of people who are very smart and experienced traders," McKenna said. "They are compensated in the exact same way as traders across the Street - based on the amount of volume they are able to trade on our behalf."

    While the massive layoffs at Lehman and Bear have grabbed headlines, and rightfully so, the meltdown on Wall Street is creating some opportunities for firms - and opening doors for some traders. Merrill, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and most other brokerages are looking to cherry-pick the best of the talent left adrift by Wall Street's latest shake-out.

    Ironically, SecondMarket has a great deal of business trading Lehman bankruptcy claims.

    Earlier this month, Richard McKinney, who ran Lehman's securitized products operation, joined hedge fund D.E. Shaw, which handpicked the executive to run a new group that will invest in asset-backed securities.

    Other traders can also expect some big payouts in the coming months - from the low six figures into the millions, veterans say.
  7. isnt it possible to move to alaska for like 3 months of the year and pack fish?
  8. My mother is a social worker in Windsor ca. She makes 30 an hr and has great job security, and manages about 4 others. Medical is almost always hot, as its something that will always be needed.
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