what java are you running with tws?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by blackjack007, May 3, 2010.

  1. i found that the latest java (6 update 20) causes tws to have problems launching a web browser. ie, if you select "view statements" or "account management", nothing happens. i downgraded to java 6 update 1 and it's working ok now. does anyone know the newest java that will work with tws?
  2. LeeD


    TWS even works with java 5. Why upgrade?
  3. some versions of java 5 had issues with tws. i could reproduce a bug with tws using java 5 update X. besides, java 6 should be more secure.
  4. LeeD


    TWS runs outside security restrictions in java anyway. I hope you have a local TWS installation and keep java disabled in a web browser at all times.
  5. I'm running latest tws and java 1.6 20 and note that I have the same issue. However I'm going to stick with 20 - the important stuff seems fine.
  6. rsi80


    kiwi, do you prefer 20 for security or performance reasons?

  7. I went to 20 because the release notes suggested enhanced performance and I've not yet found following java releases (I tend to install a couple of weeks after release) to be risky.

    But I don't launch my account from TWS frequently so that aspect isn't a big issue to me.