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  1. Something doesn't smell right to me about Schindler Trading.

    "Mr. Schindler is a Chartered Financial Analyst and became a registered Commodity Pool Operator with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission on June 18, 2001. If and when the Partnership grows to over $200,000 or more than 15 Limited Partners, he will then become a member of the National Futures Association."

    (From the above link - http://www.iasg.com/SnapshotPT.asp?ID=8).

    And yet the page also shows a graph with over $3mil in managed assets. (Is that the max margin on 200k ???)

    And why are you here on ET fishing for suckers?
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  2. interesting post...

    But no offense, it doesn't sound like you "learned" anything important. What you mentioned could be garnered out of any medicore "trading" book. When you come back to ET someday... and indicate that you've learned what makes you "tick" AND that you know not only the so-called "rules" of trading but what rules you... success might then be nearer than you imagine.

    A few points to consider/ponder:

    1. Many failures are simply persons who did not how how close they were to "success", when they gave up.

    2. Not all persons can trade. Sounds like a platitude but it is really the gist.

    3. You say you ONLY want to trade a certain market. Ever sit down and ponder why. What answer do you come up with? Challenge that answer.

    If a hallmark of good trading is flexibility, i.e. "be like water" consider why you're "inflexible" on that pivotal subject. I believe a good trader can trade anything. And moreover if you were approaching your apparent lack of success with an open mind, wouldn't one of the FIRST things you ask, be: Hmmmmm... maybe the eminis (and/or ONLY daytrading) ain't for me?

    Yeah, maybe that's IT! Duh?

    (bungrider also makes some good points)

    Be cool...

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  3. man, so true. I don't care what I'm trading. The game is the same. For all I care, I could be buying and selling sh!t on ebay.

    The hallmark is flexibility. Like that cyber commercial with bruce lee. "be like wah-tah" as a good friend of mine likes to mime...

    when I'm trading well, i'm not thinking about money. i'm thinking about where i want to buy and where i want to sell. i couldn't even give a sh!t about money. when i do care about money, i trade like a total jackass.

    but that's just me. if you wanna trade the e-mini, trade the e-mini. good for you. it's liquid and volatile.
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  4. maybe lundy will take you under his wing on his days off at the supermarket:confused:

    good luck!
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  5. it is another ball game when you go livetrading, no matter what you did on paper. Even from going from PROP to RETAIL is a major jump.
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  6. bobcathy1

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    I found a really simple and fool proof way to make money.
    Use a daily chart. Put in a 5 and 15 EMA and when they cross go short when the 15 is on top, and long when the 5 is on top. Get out on stochastic crosses after the entry or at the next cross and reverse.
    Your trades will last for days, and sometimes for weeks.
    Works great on QQQ or SPY.
    Trade a little to get your confidence up.
    You can work and do this system. :)
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  7. lundy


    I find it very hard to beleive that you never traded a dime and you are giving up. Perhaps you have been too analytical about the whole thing and the flow might come to you if you put 500 to 1k into it. Sounds like you are too skeptical of your own abilities, cause you haven't even gotten your feet wet. (correct me if i'm wrong)

    In my own experience, I find that I took a very narrow approach to trading. I always wanted to be right, and I never prepared to be wrong. I was in it for the thrill of being right, and of mastering the market.

    I beleive now that trading is all about being frugal, something I have never been. Of course, that philosophy will get tested in the markets.

    best of luck.

    ps. I also bit the bullet for a while, got a job at the local grocery. But that was temporary and I am now entering the arena again. This time I wanna last til the 12th round.

    qqqball, you don't know who yer messin with :cool:
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    lookiing good but it seem like you left lots of money on table
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  9. Monsoon


    or try the 2, 9, and 30 ema...if 2 and 9 cross up and the close is above the 30 for two days go long... get out when the 2 9 cross back... reverse for shorts
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  10. Crossover systems always look great when looking at historical charts but you cant seriously believe its that easy. Bobcathy how long have you been trading this and what have been your results?You can get a cross on one bar and on the next bar it will turn back the other way just as easily as continuing. Just try trading the same crossover on a 5 minute chart to get a quick idea of what happens.
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