What it takes to excel in a field

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    I so wish people would kill the idea that people are born certain things. People cause things to be. Being born an instant gymnast, etc isn't how things work. What happens is that when people see other people who are really good at something they compare that to themselves and make too quick conclusions about their own selves since they only see the polished product and not all the hard work that went into making it.

    Stuff that people want isn't free (excluding small seconds of time, hehe). If it's worth having then it's not going to be easy. Those who aren't willing to pay the price fall by the wayside BUT exposure can increase a person's willingness to pay a higher price. That is, exposure to what that person is trying to go after. It's why when I get around skaters better than me I get free motivation to become better.

    Ecclesiates in the Word says that all human motivation comes from envy. You have to see it (at least in your mind's eye) before wanting/desiring it but the more clearly you see it the easier it is to have motivation towards it.

    People in general need to feel better about who they are as a person in order to have the necessary capacity for the consistent motivation that's required to carry out the things they wish to pursue in life. Don't give up traders! Keep getting better through time and practice. Take a break if you're on edge and come back stronger.

    Trading is a lot like aggressive inline skating. Risky until you get the motions down for probable outcomes through consistent and deliberate practice. People sometimes ask me when I do freaky skate flips and whatnot, "Aren't you scared of getting hurt real bad?" I reply: "well I know I won't fall and even if I do how to fall in such a way to where the risk of getting injured is almost nothing". In trading language that would be "well I know the plan works but even if it doesn't at first I'll still be ok because I have pre-built responses in place to guard against wipeout."

    People rarely understand that response in the above paragraph that I give them because they can't feel the little connections in their legs like I can on how it's supposed to feel. It's like your legs form their own brain synapses through muscle memory in them. Your muslces actually start wanting to work by themselves while doing the tricks without your head thinking about it. I think it's like that with trading too...parts of your brain have to form new synapses that enable your behavior to conform to a strict repetitous plan thus overriding the fear.