What it takes to be a specialist

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  1. I don't know how true this is but I heard in order to be considered to be a specialist you must be a convicted rapist. Does anyone feel this is true or have any evidence to back this. Also I heard if you stole from your parents it's a big plus.
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    I see you had one of "those days"
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    The most important thing is:
    You have to be able to get away with it.

    This is one of the reasons that most new hire in Wall Street need to be finger-printed, and have a background check. If you have been convicted, you are NOT qualified.

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  4. Did you see the blood stains on the corner of wall and broad St. Those are from my ass after the fill I got on a stop order. I was ass raped so bad I wont be able to sit for a week. Man did it hurt
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    what happened?
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    Hey, whoever is looking for a specialist. Please drop me a line. I am working out to make myself faster, stronger, and enduring longer so that I can fit the job.


  7. yester day I started scaling into IBM after lunch I was long 4700 shares at an average cost of 85.98 I got stoped at 83.74 2 weeks pay gone on one overnight position. My ass hurts.
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    How about more slimy ???

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  9. well first of all that will teach ya not to carry so much risk overnight on a assumption...
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    But what did the speacialist do? You got filled at the HOD, unless my quotes are wrong.
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