what it means to be morman. do we want a man as president who believes this tripe?

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  1. As Joe Biden claimed, I also am a practicing Catholic, and I have had people question the various beliefs. For example bread and wine into the body and blood. Many more examples, but that is the usual suspect. How about Islam and their beliefs? Think that is your current presidents religion, although he never really seems to commit, kind of like his days in Congress when it was inconvient to vote as it might express an actual opinion.
    I thought the question regarding beliefs and how they affect your opinion as totally wrong. As I recall every liberal blows a "holy" gasket when people question Obama's religious beliefs. Why is it appropriate for these guys? Oh, let's see because they are Catholic.
    What a pile of crap.
  2. yea it a tough comparison because they are all primitive superstition. i think if you listen to the videos you will find that mormans are in a whole class of wacky.
  3. No, I am not going to waste my time on the videos. I have heard it all before, and people come up with their b.s. for all religions, except when it applies to their own. I have my issues with my own faith, and their are those that have even bigger issues. What are the basic teachings, and do they lend to a murderous idea? Maybe that is important. Are the people able to think for themselves, or blind deaf and dumb? I don't agree with the Mormon faith, but I don't see them as some evil empire. You may need to learn to think and figure out what the actual majority thought is and how it may impact you. If you want to go stictly by dogma, then the guy who is president currently should be a huge worry, infintitely more so than a Mormon. I personally think Obama doesn't believe in anything, other than what advances himself. I strongly believe that is the sad majority of people who claim they are trying to help the "disadvantaged", they are happy to help if it enriches them, ie gets them relelected. The Democraptic position overall, and is easily documented.
    Oh well, I have wasted my time enough.
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    From what I know of the rituals, there were many incorrect points in that video. It sounded more like a stand up comedian spinning and exaggerating things into something funny. And no, none of it is in a "whole new class of wacky". It's strangeness to atheists is pretty much right on par with most other religious rituals out there.

    If you really feel that the only way to defeat Romney is via religious demagoguing, then it tells me that your argument in favor of Obama is weak.
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    In fact, there are many things that are core to the Mormons that our nation could use a bit more of in my opinion.
  6. that is exactly the question all religious people should ask themselves and explore.
    in the mormans we have a documented trail of fraud from the very first day by the founder of that religion. that a man who wants to be president can not see through that trail of fraud is troubling to his critical thinking ability.
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    Do Mormons think for themselves? Harry Reid vs Mitt Romney. Case closed.
  8. You mean troubling like those who support socialism and it's obviously fraudulent history or do you mean those too stupid recognize nanny state as big brother?
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    A few examples;

    If everyone gave as much to charity as the Mormons do, the whole argument about welfare, foodstamps, and social security would be moot.

    If everyone treated others like practicing Mormons, crime would plummet.

    Although you mock the Mormon temple, the divorce rate for temple attending Mormon couples is far below the national average, and teen pregnancy and single mother situations are not even close to the national average.

    Utah is consistently considered one of the best run states in the nation, and there is incredible upward mobility. Mormons are very industrious and hard working. It is very surprising how many of our nationally and globally successful businesses are started in UT or by Mormons elsewhere.

    High school dropout rates among mormons are extremely low even though UT is consistently in the bottom of the nation for money spent per student in public schools.

    Utah unemployment is consistently well below the national average.

    It is hard to argue that all of these virtues result in spite of Mormonism but very easy to argue that they are a direct result of it's core tenets. Again, this nation could use a bit more "Mormonism".
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