What it looks like when you do not get an HQ SPECIAL

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    Intent or not, every single email was a separate federal offense, open-shut, do not pass go, straight to jail.

  3. Yeh, the pisser is that Comey/Loretta/McCabe gave Huma immunity once before and it may still be in effect. Although even the oversight committee has not been allowed to know exactly how the deal was structured. Some sources argue that she was just given immunity from being prosecuted from anything on her laptop if she gave it to the feds- which would mean that if you found the same evidence elsewhere- as on the net or on Weiner's laptop or iPhone or something which had been forwarded then it could be used. Don't know. Those HQ Specials are usually designed to please the customer.

    As a related point, that whole huma/laptop scenario - several other underlings got the same deal- is one of the clearest examples of what a bullshit "investigation" the whole thing was. Not a single person in Washington or on the oversight committee is able to articulate what investigators got in return for the immunity granted. The thing that is said- over and over- from all parts of the spectrum- is that prosecutors could have just gotten a subpoena for all of the laptops and then just gone and taken them. WHAT DO YOU THINK MUELLER WOULD HAVE DONE IN THE SAME SITUATION? Oh, that's right. Mueller was/is doing an investigation- not an HQ SPECIAL. They gave immunity to the IT guy who bleachbitted.

    Man, no prosecutor in their right mind would have done that until you had charged him and were cutting a larger deal that helped the process. And no, he was not an innocent victim just doing grunt work for Hillary. He had direct knowledge of the fact that the House Committee had ordered preservation of all documents/emails and he made numerous calls to Hillary's underlings to coordinate before deleting them. A good prosecutor though, could go in and bust his immunity deal by showing where he lied to prosecutors after receiving the immunity deal.

    The whole thing is frigging ridiculous.
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    calm down guys, its zerohedge for god sake. Perhaps you should look into what was where the ellipses are now.
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  5. These people live on fake news, reality is too harsh and upsetting for them.
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    Forget the source for a moment and answer a simple question. If the report is true and she transmitted classified information to her yahoo email account - Should she be held accountable?
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    Of course not. It's ZeroHedge, and the source is more important than whether its true or not!
  8. I thought that was your job.
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    I see no one on the left wants or can answer a simple question without condemning one of their own. Why? Because it's impossible to transmit classified information off secured government servers without breaking the law.
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